Veterinary Complementary Medicine is used to improve the condition of our sick cat dogs along with modern veterinary medicine, without diminishing its effect. Complementary medicine methods used for this purpose, while supporting the effect of the current main treatment, help our patients recover  more quickly, without complications or fight diseases.

Ozone Treatment

Ozone is used in our hospital as a complement to the treatment of diseases in the cats primarily caused by bacteria, fungi and viruses. Ozone therapy is used to kill bacteria and fungi and prevent virus multiplication, as well as to disinfect infected wounds, treat circulatory disorders, and revitalize the body. Finally, ozone therapy is used to strengthen the immune system and increase body resistance.


There are over 100 different bioactive substances in salivary gland secretions of leeches. In this way, leeches are used for vasodilator, bacteriostatic, analgesic, antiinflamatuar and anticoagulant, edema solvent, prevent microcirculation defects, to repair damaged vascular permeability in organs and tissues, hypoxia, blood pressure reduction,  strengthen immunity, pain reliever and increasing the bioenergetic state of the organism.


Acupuncture, one of traditional treatment methods, has started to take place in veterinary medicine in recent years.  Acupuncture can be used to treat many diseases, such as choronic aches, neurological disorders and for sedative effect, strengthening of the immune system, increasing the ability of the tissues to renew themselves.  Our hospital has  adapted  this traditional treatment method to the modern life by using all the possibilities of modern medicine and stimulating the nerve spaces with laser acupuncture devices.