Wood Lamp

Fungal diseases, certain bacterial diseases and pigmentation disorders are diagnosed without any progress and treatment process is started thanks to the wood lamp.

Video Otoskopi

We can obtain much more quallity and much more reliable results by taking images from a large screen monitor thanks to the Video Otoscopy device with the latest technology being used in Cat Hospital.


X-ray is an important imaging technical device that provides information about the size, location and shape of organs. We can examine bone, lung, heart, abdominal cavity, oral cavity and other areas thanks to X-Ray and we learn about a lot of conditions and diseases from heart diseases to foreign bodies. X-rays are usually the first tests made because no pain occurs during the procedure and often allows a fast and precise diagnosis.


Ultrasonography is used for examining diseases of organs and tissues that can not be evaluated by x-ray Ultrasonography may give information about a set of heart diseases, number of puppies, tumors or cystic structures that take root in organs, gastrointestinal obstructions such as in stomach, intestine and crystal and stone formation in urine bladder. The evaluations are done together with the specialist physicians to ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment. Besides this, our friends do not feel uncomfortable during this process because it is not a painful technique as in X-Ray.


Many diseases are diagnosed with MR results known as the most advanced imaging technique. You must make an appointment for the MR service provided by an accredited institution.


The most technologically advanced in the world Endoscopy device is available in our hospital. We minimize the possible risks about the health of the cats thanks to the operations performed with this device both on diagnosis and on treatment.