It is an indisputable fact that improvement of cats and cat owners after disease is causing big losses such as labor loss, disabilities, financal and moral losses, even death. As Cat Hospital, an important mission of us is to provide preventive veterinary medicine (vaccination, parasite fighting programs, environmental health, etc.) that prevents getting sick not only your cat and also you. Zoonotic diseases such as rabies and cyst, which cause many health problems in the past, have lost their significance today due to vaccines and medicines developed against these diseases.

The Cat Hospital uses the best quality and reliable products produced in the world for real preventive medicine. At the same time, our hospital takes utmost care to kept under optimal conditions biological substances, such as vaccines, that can be easily impaired.

Necessary vaccines and antiparasitic drugs to be served to you within a schedule and are reminded by sms, phone and e-mail when the application dates approach.