Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is defined as blood pressure in the arterial system. The blood pressure that occurs when the heart pumps blood to the arterial system is called big blood pressure (systolic pressure), blood pressure is called small blood pressure (diastolic pressure) when the heart is relaxed. Blood pressure depends on the pumping of blood from the heart, the resistance of the veins and the flexibility of the arterial walls.


In the oncology department of our hospital, treatment is given in advanced standards by following current international treatment approaches. Supportive treatments are provided by us beside short-term and infusional chemotherapy. The patients requiring continuous infusion therapy are monitored in our hospital admission service In the oncology service, patients who need supportive care and who are interventionally operated are followed up and treated.

Urology and Nephrology

<b>Cystotomy</b> (operative treatment of urinary bladder) or <b>perineal and prepubic urethrostomy</b> <b>operations</b> (shortening the urethra to create a large urinary tract) have been successfully accomplished in our hospital when the urethral syndrome and obstruction (urinary incontinence, urinary tract obstruction by stone, crystal and epithelial rashes) frequently present in especially male cat cases does not respond to medical treatment.

More services are provided in the Cat Hospital to investigate the causes of acute and chronic renal insufficiency, hypertension, electrolyte (sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus) disorders and urinary abnormalities (such as blood in urine and protein / albumin in idiopathic , to take preventive measures, to determine the treatment possibilities and to protect the kidney functions.




Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases




Check Up

Intrinsically, cats tend to suppress their illness. Many of us may have heard some cases in which cats, especially the older ones, go away from their home when they feel ill or close to death. Nowadays, in our country veterinary medicine has made quite a big progress as it has in many other places in the world. Currently, being at the age of 20s is considered to be ordinary for a cat whereas it used to be received with astonishment in previous years. One of the main objectives of our hospital is the prevention of illness and provision of early diagnosis. A variety of diseases may not show evident symptoms while even proceeding insidiously. Therefore you should receive consultancy about the health of your cat on regular basis even if he/she doesn't show a single symptom of any illness. Particulary, frequency of check-up must be increased in the cases of their common illnesses such as urinary system infection, hepatopathy, nephropathy, diabetes, and cancers. Check-up, which is a healthcare - screening is of utmost importance and becomes more of an issue in  the just mentioned situations. It is crucial for cats of over the age of 7 to undergo medical screening. Consequently, our hospital has set up check-up programmes to meet this need.

Nutrition and Diet