Being a veterinarian in Cat Hospital is an activity that requires extreme self-sacrifice beside benefits. We, each member of  Cat Hospital family is proud of  “Being a team that welcomes you to our hospital for the health of  your cat at times when many people are resting or sleeping Our hospital's emergency concept has moved beyond just a servicing unit to our pet friends, who are just an accidental or very heavy clinical picture. Any emergency claims by cats and cat lovers is urgent for Cat Hospital team who aims to respond to the unique emergency concept of each patient. Each patients’ situation which aims to respond to the unique emergency concept is urgent for both our cat and our team in our Cat and Hospital. You may face unthought –of , abnormal health problems about your cat as in people. It is very important to know that there is a reliable hand  in such unpleasant situations. We, as veterinarians of Cat Hospital, are honored and proud to treat each patient as our own cat every hour of the day.