Like most people, cats do not like to go to a doctor because they are afraid. Especially even they do not have health problems, if they come only for vaccination and control, this is an undesirable situation for them.  Cat owners (who is the owner that is argued …) know that even when a veterinarian is called to make an appointment, the cat senses the situation and looks for holes to escape at home. As we have often witnessed, the cats, who had a thousand difficulties in entering the carrying case at home, entered the same carrying case with great enthusiasm after the vaccination was finished.

As is known, dogs in nature and in the street are natural enemies of cat. Their presence, their smell, and their voices, not theirs, put the cats in a stress. Because cats can smell as much  as dogs and have a more advanced hearing system than dogs. Many studies have proved that this stress is too strong to change even the normal blood values ​​of the cat. It is not difficult to guess what happened between a cat and a dog in the waiting room at the same time. Stress can be the main cause and trigger of many problems in the same way that we are in humans. Health care provided in an environment where there is no stress or where it is kept at a minimum is much more positive for the cat.

Some people love the cats and some of them do not love the cats. There is no notr feelings. There is even a disease whose scientific name is ailurophobia and which causes hate and fear from the cat. Of course, veterinarians are also humans, and a similar situation can be experienced very rarely. At least they may not prefer the cats. As it is witnessed many times, cat feels instantly when they are not loved or disliked, and they can become aggressive as they start feeling the stress. The common points of all of our employees they are an animal lovers and especially Kedici ( cat lover )

The veterinarians dedicating themselves to cats and enjoying working on them have founded Cat Hospital, for to provide them with the best health care services, where dogs are never allowed in. Cat hospital which is the first and uniq in Turkey, wishing hope for all cat lovers and cats

Dr S.Tarkan Özcetin

Chief of staff